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I know I’ve said it a million times, but I love my clients that come back again and again. I don’t think I could possible write enough to show my gratitude to the beautiful people to trust me to photograph all their big life moments.  Whether it’s photography to celebrate an engagement, wedding, pregnancy, new baby, or documenting those babies growing up, I love being there to help create those memories. So from the bottom of my heart, thanks for having me as a part of your lives.

Brittani and Cody were married on a beautiful beach in Mexico a few years ago, and now they are parents to two adorable little blonde babies. Little Brody had the best ombre hair one could imagine. How knew babies could have perfect highlights?

Thank you for having me in your home. I loved seeing your gallery wall of all the art we’ve created together.  There’s nothing better than getting photographs off your USB and onto your walls.




I love this little family.  I last photographed them when they were just a family of 3 (but just as cute!) so I was delighted to join them again on a warm August evening in our river valley.  How sweet are these little girls? And Momma is a very talented photographer herself.  I always feel honoured to  be asked to capture memories for fellow photographers, I know they’re wanting the very best quality images for their walls.  I am so lucky that so many of my clients are photographers trusting me to capture their own personal families. So much love to each of you!

Thanks again for that gorgeous evening in the valley, I can’t wait to see how much your girls have grown this year <3



My website and blog definitely features a lot of young families, but my client base has many families of different ages. I actually photograph a large amount of extended families in the Edmonton area, often for family reunions or milestone birthdays. I really enjoy these sessions as I know they will be important heirlooms for these families, documenting huge moments in their lives. A another area of my business that doesn’t get near enough recognition on this blog are the families with grown up children.  The families who are documenting their “big kids” leaving home for college or the “last family session before everyone gets married”. These sessions are such a unique part of my business. The “kids” actually listen to me when I pose them and there’s a whole lot less embarrassing moments of me singing or dancing trying catch someone’s attention.  So in some ways, photographing families with grown kids is easier,  but on the other side, adults seem to get their guard up more, are less willing to laugh at Dad jokes, and tickles generally aren’t the answer for someone with a case of the grumpies.   But with this family, nobody was grumpy in the least. In fact, I laughed so hard I cried and I pretty much wanted to be adopted by the end. They kept me on my toes the entire shoot.

In order to keep my sessions running smoothly,  I always send out a tips sheet with ideas and suggestions for my families, and these guys were no exception.  They followed the tips and brought all the fun, all the snacks and all the accessories. I loved how they incorporated their favourite foods (pizza and popcorn FTW) and different activities into our session, just for fun.  Family portraits don’t have to be stuffy! We can relax and have a great time, all while still getting our posed images for Grandma. Send me a message if you’re interested in booking an extended family portrait session or lifestyle photography session with your “big kids”

Thanks again N family for being pretty much the best family ever.




The Mah Family are the beautiful people behind Nomiya Restaurants in Edmonton and some of the most genuine people you could meet. I have loved getting to know them over the last few years while photographing their family and popping into their restaurants for some amazing sushi.  I was able to photograph their family in the beautiful Mactaggart Ravine this past year and loved playing with bubbles, trying out some hoola hoops and having a dance party in the forest.  I didn’t stop smiling the whole session.

If you’re interested in booking a summery family lifestyle session this year, send me a message at info(@)knphoto.ca.  Let’s work together soon to create family portraits that are uniquely your family, full of love and laughter.

Looking forward to seeing your family again soon,


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One year ago we were in Ireland celebrating the wedding of Kristina and John.  I still feel incredibly lucky to have been apart of such a magical wedding trip. I have to say “wedding trip” instead of “wedding day”, because the hospitality of the John’s Irish family lasted days. From the wedding Rehearsal Dinner at John’s moms home where we were made to feel like family,  to the day-after party into the wee hours at the Shibeen, the entire trip was incredible. I can’t believe it’s been already a year- it feels like we were there just weeks ago.   The location they choose, the Ballybeg House in County Wicklow, was something out of a movie. A quaint white cottage, surrounded by rolling hills filled with white sheep and  rustic rock walls gave the wedding truly Irish feel.  We were spoiled and delighted to stay 3 nights out at Ballybeg house in the adorable little camping (glamping!) pods.  The entire venue was just perfect- and they filled it with some of best people we could spend our time with.  My family and I were so grateful to have had the opportunity to travel with the entire Scade family and create amazing memories around Kristina and John’s wedding. We will truly never forget our wonderful weeks exploring Ireland with you all.  In fact, my daughter Maeve asks at least once a week to go back to Ireland, and has even told us that when she grows up she will be moving “back to Ireland”. She can’t help it, she fell in love with her heritage and felt truly at home.

Thank you Kristina and John, from the bottom of our hearts.  Your wedding was magic. As they say at the Scade house- Good food, good friends and good drinks.  Tim would also like to add that you really know how to throw a party. And a day after party. And every other day party.  But even with all the gorgeous scenery and all the fancy food & Irish drinks,  still nothing took away from the love you two share.  Not only could everyone see how much you love share from the way you look at each other, but it’s obvious you’re best friends too.  And that combo is a foundation of a marriage made to last.



(and Tim, Maeve, & Violet)