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2 weeks ago we moved out of our home. Our house of 8 years, the place we started our family in, the home we put countless hours of sweat and tears into. I still remember walking up the front stairs for the first time and opening the red door. I remember walking around the empty rooms, looking at the forest green and burgundy walls and seeing all the infinite potential. I remember the feeling of being home. I stood there imagining our future children running up and down the stairs. We imagined where we would put the Christmas tree, and we imagined where we would hang art. From the moment we signed those offer papers I instantly knew this was where we were supposed to be.

We painted those walls and changed the brass knobs. We grew giant gardens and celebrated Christmases. Then we brought home two tiny baby girls, both on cold, snowy, winter nights. We began the years of zero sleep. We didn’t sleep much but we were in love. Boy, we loved those teeny babies. We celebrated first birthdays and danced in kitchen. We cheered for first steps, first foods and first days of school.



We celebrated all the holidays in our little home… but, goodness, did we ever celebrate Halloween. Decorations galore, parties and costumes, all on our street that reminds me of a scene from Hocus Pocus. We greeted hundreds of trick-or-treaters every year and watched Halloween fireworks from our front lawn. It’s hard to imagine a better street on October 31st.


(and yes, Maeve has been a puppy for 3 years in a row…)


We had good times and bad. We held a “Congrats-On-Finding-a-Bone-Marrow-Donor-Match” party and cried. We held a “We-Survived-The-Seven-Year-Itch” Party and laughed. We argued about money and work and life and sleep. We laughed about marriage being a union of just two really good forgivers. Some years we sailed through and some years the hard days just kept coming. From this little home we raced to the hospital to hold my mom’s hand as she took her last breath. We came back to this home to cry. We went through pictures on the floor of the basement through the night and celebrated every good day we ever had. The good times always outnumbered the bad.


Now 8 years after signing those papers on a sunny day in July, we moved out on a cold day in September. As much as my heart loved that brick house with a red door, it was time to move on.  We knew  it was time for new memories between new walls. We contemplated many different ways to give us the change we desired, from Tim taking a job in Victoria to renovating an old house. In the end, we decided to have a fresh start by building a home.  Making that decision was a menagerie of emotions. From excitement of picking out a floor plan to the realization that we had to actually move all our stuff. But in the end it was surprisingly calming to declutter, dejunk and minimalize.


So now we say goodbye to our little home on Tanner Wynd. Goodbye to the home we started a family in. The home that holds the memories of rocking babies to sleep and making apple pies with grandma. The home that taught my girls how to grow our own food and pick raspberries right off the bush. I’m not sure if I’ll ever love a home as much as this one, but I’m going to try. Because change is good. Between the waves of sadness of saying goodbye, the waves of excitement are always bigger. Because we know the good always outweighs the bad, and most importantly our home is wherever we are together.




Thank you so much to my friend Carla for these wonderful pictures of the last day in our home in Terwillegar.

  • Chelsea - September 27, 2016 - 2:49 pm

    Somehow you always have a way of bringing tears to my eyes. Congratulations on your new home and to many many new and wonderful memories!! Xo

  • stephscade - September 27, 2016 - 3:50 pm

    You’ve made me cry…sheesh. Beautiful words Kelsy. So many more good things to come for you and your beautiful family.

  • carla - September 30, 2016 - 9:41 pm

    kelsyyyyyyy!!! your words always make me cry 😭what beautiful sentiments about your beautiful home and family. cheers to your next chapter. xoxoxo and i am so honoured to have captured those photos for you!

Every year I’m lucky enough to photograph the Bischoff family.  I photographed Karen and Aaron’s wedding my first year shooting weddings full time and I’ve been able to watch their family grow each year. They’re explorers, campers  and adventure-seekers and I’m also happy to call them my friends. Last month when I decide to donate the profits from a session to the Red Cross in support of Fort McMurray, Karen was first in line to book her fall session for next year- they’re just great people.

So here’s our latest instalment of their yearly portraits. A little time together flying kites, reading books and playing in the river valley. My favourite type of session, full of laughter and fun.

Looking forward to our next set of portraits this year,



A year ago my niece Paige married her love, Cleighton (or as my daughters call him, Cleighty). Although I spent the majority of my day enjoy the company of my family and with two of the cutest flower girls  I ever saw, I did take a break from relaxing to be the photographer their wedding portraits.  Being out in Waterton National Park made being the photographer easy- beautiful scenes from every angle. I loved spending a couple hours with the happy couple and their favourite people in one of their favourite places in the world.  I can’t wait to get back to Waterton, I love it there so much.  Also, if you haven’t been I highly recommend making the trip. You can check out some tips I wrote on my travel blog, Twirls and Travels all about exploring Waterton.

Happy first Anniversary Paige and Cleigh, we love both so much!











  • Chelsea - June 1, 2016 - 1:20 pm

    I love every single one of these!!

This was my third time hanging out with this adorable family and every time we get together they seem more cute than the last. This time mom brought along Asher’s favourite Paddington Bear book (also a favourite of mine) and a dozen of his stuffie friends. We played in the park with their dogs (who were also very very excited to have their portraits taken) and then hung out at University’s Old Arts Building. All and all, I’d say it was a pretty perfect afternoon celebrating a very special first birthday.

Did you know that with any family session booked around your child’s first birthday we can add in a cake smash session at the end for no extra charge?  That way you can capture some fun and relaxed memories along with the first birthday rite of passage for one cost.  Send me an email for more information.





Let’s be honest, Cass is so beautiful I could have photographed her in a parking lot and she’d still look stunning. But lucky for us, we got a perfect evening of warm sunlight and welcoming trails for her maternity mini session. Cassandra hiked the trails like she wasn’t 9 months pregnant- not even a tiny bit out of breath- my pregnancy hero!  It wasn’t too long after this session this couple welcomed Kaia into their family and I got to meet them once again for a beautiful newborn session in their home. Stay tuned for more.